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The transformation that occurs during the process that changes a piece of coal to a diamond is long and strenuous. Such is the journey of an enterprise to the top of its field.

Along the coast of the world famous Qiantang River, there is one, who is striving to be the bellwether in window and door hardware Industry, and his name is PUWEI.

PUWEI (founded in 1997), is a scale enterprise specializing in research and development in international standard accessories for UPVC / aluminum / curtain windows and doors, owning our own export company and combining products design, exploring and sales together. Our PUWEI is conveniently located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Yi Peng industry park, adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, neighbors on HHY highway (Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo) and HJQ Highway (Hangzhou, Jinhua, and Quzhou.).

By using internationally acclaimed excellent materials of cool roll steel, zinc/al alloy and stainless steel 304, PUWEI currently produces level-opening, hanging, pull-push UPVC windows and doors and their accessories as well. The most advanced technology is used in our abundant production which meets the JG/T168-2004 standard. In 2004, Puwei became a member of CCMSA (China Construction Metal Structure Association).

Having set up 43 agents, PUWEI has adapted the integrated and complete ERP system in the warehouse management. Employing advance equipment and technology, PUWEI has advanced warehouse management by efficiently allocating the information of warehouse codes, warehouse areas, store-shelf codes, store-shelf areas and store-shelf storage rules, making efficient use of limited storage area.

PUWEI has rapidly established his own system for his international business in 2001. All products have been mainly exported to --- US, Canada, Brazil, Philippine, Malaysia, Thailand, North Korea, Viet Nam, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Ecuador etc.

Sword blade sharpens after abroad! PUWEI is not only a leader in this market and social consumption demand, it is also sensitive of the structure of enterprise culture and not only concentrate on regulating the internal management. We attach importance to the cultivation of character.

The value PUWEI offers, is to make customers feel satisfied with using system, and get the value upgrade from that satisfaction. PUWEI takes the idea of OUTSTANDING - outstanding quality and service, strives in our development and does not stop until perfection is met.

PUWEI uses the win – win concept as it strives for the development of both PUWEI and its customers.

PUWEI striving to meet the present and future needs of its customers for present and future growth in its space management. PUWEI has positioned itself to be a leader in the global market.

For a bright future of our PUWEI, we are always striving!
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